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Vicki Donlan is a women’s business. Her extensive experience working with small businesses, growing and selling her own, and having a far-reaching network cause her to be a resource every businesswoman needs. As an entrepreneur, she was founder and publisher of Women’s Business, a 25,000 controlled-circulation newspaper devoted to women in business in the MA, NH and RI, founded in 1998, and sold to the Boston Herald. Her first book HER TURN Why It’s Time for Women To Lead in America was published in September 2007. She frequent guest blogger for The Huffington Post.

David Donlan serves as the head of corporate sales for HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) in Cambridge, MA. As a sales leader, he is responsible for the HubSpot Enterprise Team, and the day to day operations of successfully gaining visibility for HubSpot customers. Donlan is also regarded as an Inbound Marketing Specialist, having developed a sound marketing strategy that caters to all businesses looking to increase their online visibility and demand generation

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