Every year, hundreds of books and thousands of articles are written about marketing, building your business, social media, entrepreneurship and other business topics. And, there’s an array of conferences, seminars, webinars, training, blogs – the list is endless – discussing “how to” topics for your business. As an entrepreneur or business owner yourself, you know this information is vital, but how do you keep up? After all, you have a business to run!

That’s where The Business Power Hour® on C-Suite Radio comes in. Twice a week, host Deb Krier talks with experts in a variety of business fields, as they share the latest trends, up and coming changes as well as best practices. Her guests – and listeners – are from around the world. Listeners get tactical and strategic action items that they can immediately implement in their own businesses.

New episodes are uploaded every Monday and Thursday, 11:00-Noon (ET), here and also on C-Suite Radio. Additionally, all episodes are archived here.

Originally focusing on social media but now expanded to cover many business topics, Deb’s guests have included Bob Burg, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Andrea Vahl, Peter Shankman, Joel Comm, Phyllis Khare, Wayne Breitbarth, Viveka von Rosen, Gina Carr, Terry Brock, Mike O’Neill, Lori Ruff and many other fabulous business experts and professionals.

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iTunes Reviews:

“This one really stands out. Honest advice, great guests. I am constantly surprised at the insight that Deb shares with us, as well as the value that we get from her interviews. We’re all so busy, but this is definitely one not to miss.” ~ PJ Ewing

“I’ve enjoyed listening to the array of Deb’s guests provide insights from a variety of perspectives for people in all walks of life, ages, and beliefs. An easy listen and she keeps things moving.” ~ PB Perspective

“Deb gets right to the heart of what will work for her listeners. Her podcast is filled with stories, tips, advice and motivation to get your business going and growing.” ~ Findingyourfire

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Riggs Eckelberry

Program 857   As the President and CEO of OriginClear, Inc., Riggs Eckelberry came to the water industry from a quarter century in high technology, specializing in commercializing breakthrough technologies. During the dotcom, he worked on a series of tech successes, learning and practicing rapid disruption. The son of an international businessman, Riggs learned management…

Matthew Holman

Program 856   Matthew Holman is Head of Growth and Cofounder of QPilot, a platform that helps subscription box brands schedule and automate purchasing for all of the ways their customers shop. His expertise reaches across the spectrum from marketing to operations to shipping. He’s worked directly with hundreds of brands to transform their acquisition,…

Marcia Mantell

Program 855   Marcia Mantell is a retirement maven, speaker, author, and blogger. She has been helping the country’s foremost financial services firms and advisors increase their knowledge of complex retirement concepts and regulations, including Social Security and Medicare, for 30 years, first at Fidelity Investments, then the last 18 years from her own consultancy…

Jameson Choi

Program 854   Jameson Choi is a fellow mover and shaker who has been groovin’ in the startup ecosystem for over a decade. He’s now in the nonprofit sector, researching and developing emerging fundraising models for charities, utilizing Blockchain tech and Non-Fungible Tokens.  

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