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Tim Tortora started working in Hollywood over 30 years ago as a tape operator in a recording studio and worked his way up through the ranks to CFO by 2008. He learned a lot along the way and worked with some amazing people and some of the biggest companies (Harpo Films, Mandalay Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Disney, TriStar Pictures, Columbia Pictures) He did it all having no family connection or friends who sat in key positions in the business.

Since he started working as a CFO in 2008, the industry changed substantially and his client list migrated to working with content creators who produce indie features, TV movies, feature films, branded content, blogs and online short form series.

During his career, Tim has served as Executive in Charge of Production and Finance for Oprah Winfrey’s feature film & TV production arm, Harpo Films, in charge of all aspects of production on such films as “Tuesdays With Morrie” (Jack Lemmon, Hank Azaria), “Amy & Isabelle” (Elisabeth Shue), “The Wedding” (Halle Berry), and “Before Women Had Wings” (Ellen Barkin).

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