Program 807


Stacey Hall has coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to attract sales, satisfaction, and success. She is a bestselling author, a TEDx presenter, and a leading social media marketing expert. She is the creator of the groundbreaking social media marketing training program, Go for YES, which has helped thousands of people attract more sales, customer, and employee satisfaction and success. Her new book is, Selling from Your Comfort Zone: The Power of Alignment Marketing.

We were joined by Carolina Billings, the founder of Powerful Women Today™, a boutique accelerator for the empowerment and optimization of women’s status, global leadership and personal success. Her initiatives have received the continued support and accolades of key champions of women in business. Carolina is proud to call herself an advocate working wholeheartedly for the emotional and financial independence and prosperity of women and their dependents.

Click here to purchase Selling from Your Comfort Zone.

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