Program 216

Stacey Blanchet, is a Business woman that specializes on Public Relations and Brand Development. She started ‘Your Own Girl Friday” in 2005 and has been adding to her skill sets ever since. In 2010 she started “Blanchet Designs” as a small custom design house in San Diego and in one year she was at the Emmys, Oscars and Grammys. She has put the design business on hold and went into producing movies and to become a senior editor of “Trend Prive Magazine”. A magazine that was her first cover in 2012. During the past 5 years, she has published a small ebook, produced three documentaries which has won two awards an showed in 5 film festivals. She is launching a web series called “In the Know” for Trend Prive in the fall were Stacey is hosting the show by interviewing celebrities and business professionals on their process to the road of success. It is slated to hit the film festival circut in early 2017.

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