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Sarah Boxx is best known as a strategic vision coach, consultant, change agent and best-selling author. She pulls from more than 30 years of professional experience working in and assisting nonprofit organizations, as well as the corporate sectors. Sarah has further influenced and fully embraced the world of non-profit organizations by serving as an Executive Director, volunteering, board coaching and leading teams; receiving the National Governor’s Association Award for distinguished service to government. As a consultant, Sarah has worked on more than 140 projects for County Commissions, state agencies, charter schools, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and local, regional and state collaborative networks. One of her many passions is helping high-achieving women (and men) in transition to gain clarity about what matters most to them and charting a clear path forward. From dreaming to attaining their next level of success, Sarah is there as a steadfast guide offering group workshops, individual coaching and consulting. Today, Sarah helps people to find more satisfaction in their work and team relationships, more easily identify and overcome obstacles, decide what strengths they need to learn and develop (or weaknesses they need to mitigate), in order to reach their goals.

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