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Peaceful living expert, Roberta Hughes is the founder and lead instructor at PeaceFull Living, a boutique hybrid studio that conveys delicate and personalized instruction through customized pilates, meditation, and yoga classes. Roberta’s core focus is on redefining people’s relationship with stress, with offerings like 5-minute Zen Breaks and custom-tailored approaches to stress relief. Roberta walks alongside clients, individuals, and businesses to implement daily routines such as meditation, yoga, and pilates to aid in clearing the clutter from our minds and ease the weight of what we are carrying, both mentally and physically. PeaceFull Living grants clients a way to filter out life’s pressures through a delicate and highly personalized approach through its livestreams and on-demand classes.

Roberta has very generously offered to do a fundraiser for She is offering our podcast listeners $50 off an annual membership (a $360 value for $310). In turn, she will donate $50 to for each annual membership. We will use the funds raised to send our wonderful little plush Warrior teddy bears to cancer patients. Here’s the link to sign up for an annual membership for PeaceFull Living. Use code DEBKRIER to receive the discount.

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