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Rafael Badziag, is a global entrepreneur, top TED speaker who reached over 3 million views, best-selling author and angel investor. He is a valued expert in psychology of entrepreneurship, specializing in self-made billionaires and was featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC and FOX networks as well as in Forbes, CNBC, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider,, Inc. and other leading national newspapers and TV networks in over 40 countries around the world. He is a valued contributor to CNBC, Business Insider and He has done what no one else has done so far – open the most inaccessible doors to some of the wealthiest people on the planet. He worked for years with over 20 self-made billionaires and, using first hand information on their methods and mindsets, distilled their secrets into 20 mental principles that enabled them to start from zero and create billions of dollars in value during one life span. He shares these in his book The Billion Dollar Secret so that you and me can follow their path to extreme wealth and success.

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