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Born to parents who met while working at the USAid office in Pakistan, Naheed Chowdhry grew up in Karachi and joined corporate life with Unilever right after her MBA. Since then she has worked with companies including The Hershey Company, in a multiple-award winning career that spans Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Even as she worked on creating the right stories, innovations and strategies to shift mindsets, Naheed learned that many more values unite than separate people across geographies and cultures. In the last few years Naheed has put that to use through her consulting business, by asking questions that enable her clients to see new perspectives that empower them to resolve what seemed impossible problems. Her passion for gender bias in the workplace is based on her own experiences as well as those of men and women she has mentored around the world; and the secret recipe is a mix of data and empathy to tell the right story that will move mountains. Naheed is also the mother to four young global citizens aged 10-15, as well as a bestselling author, Adler-certified coach, seasoned improvisor and adrenalin junkie.

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