Program 263

Melissa Aguirre is a Nationally Registered Yoga Therapist, Certified Energy Medicine and MBSR Practitioner specializing in scientifically based holistic health practices and education. Her passion for serving those who serve has led to the creation of her mindfulness based yoga therapy programs that serve the military population along with multiple wellness workshops and classes in holistic healing to her national audience. Melissa is a wellness speaker and contributing author for yoga therapy case studies continuing to impact optimal patient care and sustainable lifestyle choice. Her school, MelMarie Yoga Academy trains and certifies students and teachers in Adaptive and Therapeutic Yoga techniques and her participation in holistic health summits define her as a true asset and advocate to sustainable wellness. In her free time, Melissa loves the little things; cozy evenings, her cats, journaling, her faith, movement, chai, sweaters with thumbholes, her daughter’s snuggles, spending time with husband who keeps her rooted and inspired.

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