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Megan Gebhart is a storyteller, speaker, and writer. Originally from Wyoming, Megan left home to attend Michigan State University, where she immersed herself in a community of daring entrepreneurs and began entrepreneurial ventures of her own, finding a love of writing in the process.

In 2010, inspired by an unexpected and life-changing cup of coffee, Megan created 52 Cups of Coffee, a website dedicated to the power of connection. Her goal was to challenge herself to spend her senior year of college having coffee with a stranger every week for a year. What began as a small project soon grew into a yearlong adventure filled with serendipity and stories that teach us that finding ourselves is a journey that can last a lifetime. Megan spoke to people from all swaths of life: entrepreneurs, teachers, a dairy farmer, 2nd grader, best-selling author, and even Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

Click here to purchase 52 Cups of Coffee: Inspiring and insightful stories for navigating life’s uncertainties.

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