Program 358

With 27 years of experience, Mariel Miller works nationwide with individuals who are actively looking for business opportunities, career and investment options. Her clients desire to enhance the quality of their life, increase flexibility and improve their net worth. Business ownership could be a vehicle to achieve these goals. No fees or obligations, just solid information and coaching about franchising.

The objective is to connect clients to those opportunities that will be the best fit given their professional skills, personal objectives and financial goals. Once identified, she works to personally coach and educate clients on how to conduct a solid search, how to evaluate profitability and how to fund the opportunity.

Her niche is executive franchise ownership, where an individual can build a business that promises a strong return on investment and the potential for significant equity as the business matures. The professional services offered   are always 100% free of charge. No fees or obligations, just good solid information and coaching about entrepreneurship and business ownership  – for the curious to the committed potential entrepreneur.

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