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Lesa Edwards, CEO of LEK Executive Consultants, is known as “the indispensable job search partner of superstar sales and marketing executives.” She is a published writer, job search coach, and a national speaker on job search topics. Her global practice includes clients on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. Lesa has written hundreds of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other supporting marketing pieces for executives in a range of fields. In her coaching practice, Lesa works with clients to develop a targeted, proactive job search so they can effectively navigate the complexities and nuances of today’s job market. As a Master Practitioner of the MBTI, Lesa has worked with teams to build communication, leadership, and cohesion. Most recently, Lesa trained the national sales force of the Topps Corporation (the Bazooka Bubble Gum people) on the MBTI.

Another aspect of Lesa’s practice is building outstanding LinkedIn profiles for entrepreneurs, coupled with the training they need to maximize their effectiveness on LinkedIn. Her approach is strategic-determining the entrepreneur’s business goals and showing them how to utilize LinkedIn as a key tool to help them reach those goals.

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