Program 617

Kristina Jaramillo, President of Personal ABM and Stop the Sales Drop, has a reputation for building strategic social programs that drive sales cycles and revenue. In fact, she’s featured in LinkedIn’s own “Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn” and her articles can be found in Forbes, MarketingProfs,, Sales & Marketing Management magazine, CMO magazine, CMO Council, and many others. In addition, she’s a key instructor for MarketingProfs ABM courses.

While her partner, Eric Gruber, is responsible for the firm’s strategy and the team’s content developers, Kristina manages the execution. Through her focus on building personal relationships with one-to-one communications that speak to specific decision-makers and influencers, her team builds top to bottom engagement, relationships, and trust with previously untouchable enterprises. It’s through these personal communications that her team reversed “No” positions, saved accounts, and created wins with accounts that were unresponsive to sales and marketing messaging for more than five years.

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