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Joie Gharrity founder of 113 Branding is a Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author and Speaker. She worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies, such as Centropolis Entertainment and ABC Studios, in film, television, original web content and branded entertainment. She was encouraged and taught branding and marketing techniques by high-level mentors. As her brand grew stronger she gained greater Visibility, which in turn gained her greater influence and success in her field. She was hand-picked by the ABC Studio President to launch the first multi-media startup business for The Walt Disney Company. After returning to the Bay Area Joie was inspired to launched 113 Branding. She integrates her strategic branding and marketing vision with both the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs globally. Her techniques and strategies help entrepreneurs globally become more Visible and Influential. She truly believes that it is your birthright as an entrepreneur to stand in your spotlight and shine bright. That it has nothing to do with the last name you are born into or your vocation. Instead it has to do with living your true purpose, turning up your Visibility spotlight and allowing your Influence to shine.

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