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Is your life running smoothly, always filled with success and happiness? Or do you sometimes face disruptions and periods of chaos? If this is the case, you need the lessons contained in John Vespasian’s newest book, Undisrupted: How highly-effective people deal with disruptions:

  •     How industrialist Savva Mamontov could have prevented disruption from destroying his life.
  •     Why Albert Schweitzer only grew happy and famous after turning his life upside down.
  •     The disruptive strategy that enabled Joseph Paxton, a simple gardener, to become wealthy.
  •     How it is possible that the all-powerful Knights Templar were wiped out overnight.
  •     The method conceived by Abbot Suger in the twelfth century for running projects smoothly.
  •     Which variation of positive thinking Emile Coue invented for overcoming disruptions.

This book presents real-life lessons that can massively increase your ability to succeed in the face of disruptions.

Click here to purchase Undisrupted.

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