Program 409

Do you know what you want in your relationships at work and in your personal life?  Are you showing up open and available for it? Are Toxic People having a negative impact on the results you are trying to achieve at work? We are powerful creators and we are always getting results from what we think, feel, say and do.  No aspect reflects this principle more than how we show up with others.  Today, as we focus on the challenges and opportunities that TOXIC people present to us at work or in our personal lives, John Hyatt, Your Coach for Life, will present some unique insights on how to have peace, clarity and confidence when dealing with others who challenge our emotions and who can get in the way of getting successful results. Corporate leadership around these situations especially requires both personal and professional empowerment and solid and credible executive presence. After listening to John’s interview, you’ll have a much clearer understanding and a number of action steps you can take to minimize the impact of any toxic person on your business, work experience and personal life.

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