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Hooman Radfar is a founder dedicated to helping other founders. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Collective, the first all-in-one back office for solopreneurs. Collective’s vision is to increase the number of financially successful businesses-of-one by enabling self-employed people to focus on their passion, not their paperwork. Hooman also works with companies like Convoy, Sweetgreen, Thrive Market, Onfido, Uber, and other start-ups as an investor and advisor via his personal investment platform. He began his entrepreneurial career as the founder and CEO of AddThis, which was acquired by Oracle in 2016. He has been named one of Tech’s Best Entrepreneurs in BusinessWeek and one of iMedia’s 25 most influential online marketing professionals. He has guest lectured on entrepreneurship and innovation at prominent institutions like Stanford, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon.

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