Program 689

Some time ago, stuck in traffic on the way home from work, Emily Bron realized that there should be more to life than an exhausting Toronto commute, endless meetings, and so little sunshine. Although she picked exciting destinations for her vacations, she was not living the life of her dreams.

Like most of us, she could not just leave it all behind to escape to an exotic country. The reality of kids, mortgages, and work presented challenges. She never abandoned her dream however, and started working on her plan.

Emily began to travel more, and didn’t just waste time at the beach or strolling through local markets. Instead, she planned an intensive schedule, jam-packed with meeting international service providers, real estate developers, local travel agents, and partnering up with the biggest names in international living. Little by little, it all came together.

Emily created an extensive database of information focused on international retirement and living options around the world. She invested in a few projects of her own, and now helps others achieve their dream of relocating to their chosen destination.

She experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to have questions, while sifting through a vast amount of information to arrive at answers. Additionally, each country has a local vibe that you simply cannot pick up from the internet. Becoming an International Lifestyle Consultant was a logical next step for Emily.

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