Program 224

Thirteen years ago, Drake Reaux got his start in business by collecting fellow middle school peers desired music playlists pre iPod era, he then would go home to create and burn customized CD’s from Limewire and sell them. In December of 2010, Drake decided to drop out of Baylor University to pursue his dream as an entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas. The first couple of years, he worked as a traditional network marketer, doing home and hotel meetings to sell companies products, services and business opportunities.

Drake founded InflcMedia, which has grown to be recognized by some of the largest people in the marketing industry and has improved numerous businesses online presence and marketing ROI per year.and he’s continued to use that same business savvy, along with a group of visionary intellects, to build InflcMedia, a new breed of social media agency that helps small & mid-level businesses, celebs, and personal brands to find their social media voices and build their digital brands.

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