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Dr. Kasthuri Henry, PhD, is driven by her mission of “Building to Last and Ennobling for Success”. Her ability to first develop the “being” and bring that authentic self to all the “doing” makes her a sought-after member of Forbes Coaches Council. CEO of KasHenry Inc. and founder of Ennobled For Success Institute, her acumen includes Duracell Brand Acquisition for Warren Buffet, business transformation for Chicago Teachers Pension Fund, and Economic Development in the Caribbean Region driving change management, financial strategy, leadership development, and business process improvement.

A graduate school professor, she continues to transform students representing the US military, public safety, private sector, and nonprofit sectors. Dr. Kas shares her wisdom filled lessons to help others live an ennobled, empowered, and positive life by drawing from her life in her #1 International Best Sellers “Ennobled for Success: From Civil War to a US CFO” and “The Resiliency Playbook”. Her weekly international podcast “Unleash your Inner Goldilocks: How to get it just right” explores the importance of being centered and finding perspective to influence the change we want to see professionally and societally.

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