Program 278

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky helps leaders and organizations avoid disaster through science-based strategies for effective decision-making and emotional and social intelligence. He is a well-known scholar, entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant, coach, and activist in these areas. Gleb researches effective decision-making, goal achievement, emotional and social intelligence, meaning and purpose, mental health and emotional well-being, and altruism as a professor at Ohio State University in the Decision Sciences Collaborative and the History Department. He runs a nonprofit that popularizes pragmatic applications of these academic topics to politics, business, nonprofits, and other areas of daily life, Intentional Insights. He regularly publishes pieces on these topics in prominent venues such as Time, Psychology Today, The Conversation, Salon, Lead Change Group, Alternet, Truthout, Lifehack, Elite Daily, The Plain Dealer, The Dallas Morning News, Skeptical Inquirer, Patheos, Inside Higher Ed, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Huffington Post and elsewhere.