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Diahana Barnes is an award winning Trainer, Speaker, Success & Business Coach with over 23 years of experience.  As a mom, former corporate woman, and entrepreneur she’s had her own coaching and online business since 2006 while juggling a demanding corporate job leading multi-million dollar sales teams and email marketing campaigns.

She left that job because she saw precious time with her kids completely passing her by while she worked too much and too hard and finally said, “enough”!

She’s now following her true calling offering executive spiritual coaching for entrepreneurial women who want to go big with their revenue, fill their calendars with ideal clients all while having harmony and balance being the leaders they were meant to be in business and in life.

She’s developed a Harmony Core™ process to help teach clients how to tap into their spiritual self, quiet inner gremlins, remove errors and open the path to receiving money, balance and harmony.

Wife, mom of 2 kids (boy and girl) a dog, two chickens and a bunny rabbit. Living in Southern California.  She loves coffee, traveling, her iPad, going to the beach with family whenever possible.

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