Program 462

Deberah Bringelson is a non-conformist Empowerment Expert and Business Growth Authority. From her work in the California Senate to her work with Richard Branson, Larry Ellison, and other business luminaries, she has found that massive success lives on the edges in innovation and creativity. Best known for turning Richard Branson from a hard “no way!” to closing the deal with him “that never should have happened”, and for helping clients grow their revenue as much as 3,546% in under 12 months, Deberah believes that you can have an amazingly successful business AND a great life. Her Quantum Business Beyond the Spreadsheet does just that. Deberah weaves manifestation and quantum teachings with highly innovative business strategies, creating her own success formula, “The Power of 3”. Using her proven formula, clients around the world are creating extraordinary results including multiple companies achieving more than 3,000% growth. Deberah is an Internationally recognized Speaker and author, co-authoring “Practical Business Wisdom and Magic” with Joe Vitale from “The Secret”.

Here’s a link to special information from Deberah for our listeners.

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