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Cathy Goodwin is a copywriter and content strategist. Her superpower is turning complex potentially boring ideas into fascinating content that your audience will actually want to read. Many of her clients specialize in financial services, personal finance, tech, real estate, and business coaching.

In her earlier life, Cathy earned an MBA from the Wharton School and made a sincere effort to enter corporate life. Realizing she was far too maverick, she earned a Ph.D. at UC Berkeley and spent 20 years teaching in business schools all over North America.  Her first online website focused on midlife career strategy. She learned copywriting to promote the site and now works exclusively with online marketing.

Cathy has lived all over North America, including Alaska and Canada. She’s moved so much she’s even published a book on relocation. Now she lives in Philadelphia with two cats. Her non-work interests include ceramic sculpture, standup comedy and fitness. She’s a big fan of the WNBA – especially the Seattle Storm – and tries to ignore the Eagles.

Click here to purchase the Kindle version of Cathy’s book, Grow Your Business One Story At A Time: How Strategic Storytelling Helps You Stand Out and Succeed in a Crowded Marketplace.

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