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Brigitte (aka Bridget) Bojkowszky is a global and personal branding strategist who helps clients craft meaningful strategies that effectively elevate their brands to unleash their full potential. She is the founder and owner of BridgetBrands, a branding strategy boutique that offers workshops, 1-on-1 trainings, and digital courses to empower personal and organizational brands. Together with her clients, she goes deep and helps bring the brilliance out of them to let them shine authentically.

Bridget is also host and producer of BrandsTalk, a podcast for ‘Brand Lovers’ who want to learn from thought leaders, CEOs, business owners and experts telling their brand stories and sharing valuable firsthand insights. She is not only a speaker but has also been teaching for almost 20 years global marketing management and branding topics at universities around the globe.

Bridget earned her Ph.D. in Social and Economic Sciences at the WU-Vienna, Austria, specializing in International Marketing and Management, and her Master’s in Business Administration and Education. Additionally, she is a certified trainer in communication, conflict management, and leadership. She received her Design Thinking Workshop certificate from Harvard University, which helps her coach her clients to think out-of-the-box.

As a head flight attendant early on in her life, she learned what makes customer service special and to be a leader of multicultural teams, which she has been refining since then in academia and the private sector.

Bridget is an international best-selling author of the book Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matter Most. She reveals how she got into her sweet spot–her journey of understanding her pain, which ultimately became her purpose in life!

When she is not working she likes to go for a long run listening to podcasts and loves to knock herself out with Muay Thai boxing.

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