Program 659 – Special LinkedIn Series

Adam Ligeralde is a scientist-turned-sales rep for a life sciences company called Cytiva, a global provider of technologies & services that advance & accelerate the development & manufacture of therapeutics. Located on the banks of the Hudson River across lower Manhattan, Adam is currently the Technical Sales Specialist for the NY/NJ/PA area for scientists doing anywhere from fundamental biological research to developing innovative vaccines, biologic drugs, and novel cell & gene therapies. His fundamental role is to supply the tools & services that researchers need to work better, faster & safer, leading to better patient outcomes.

Adam’s path into sales was circuitous & serendipitous in his 29 years in the company, starting out in the lab to technical support and then to Marketing & Field Applications before becoming the NYC sales rep. Adam was initially hesitant about getting into sales after having preconceived notions of sales reps like those portrayed in movies like “Love & Other Drugs” or “The Wolf of Wall Street” where its all about the hard sell at any cost. However, because of wonderful mentors & role models, Adam has developed his own style of sales that works quite well in the scientific community by building technical credibility and thereby trust for long-lasting relationships.

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