Program 500


Today is a huge day for us here on The Business Power Hour on C-Suite Radio. It’s our 500th episode! On September 12, 2011, we began this journey with a live broadcast on The program started as “The SociaLight” and focused on social media. Our first guest was one of the best in the business, the wonderful Andrea Vahl.
Over the years, the scope of the program changed and we expanded our discussions to a variety of business topics…with some personal items included, too! On June 1, 2018, we were very proud to become a part of the C-Suite Network.
For our 500th episode, we decided to have a look back and had the great honor to chat again with several of our wonderful guests from the past. As usual, they continued to share their wit, wisdom and inspiration with us.
We wish we could thank every single guest, but that’s just too many! If you’ve been a guest, please know how much we appreciate your support and have delighted in seeing your continued success. Special thanks to Larry Andrews who took the chance on us way back in 2011! Thank you to Jeffrey Hayzlett for taking us to the next level. Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without our fabulous producer, Kim Santillo!
Huge thanks to the following people who contributed to this 500th episode: Andrea Vahl, Angela Dunz, Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, Debra Jason, Line Brunet, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Shanyn Stewart, Brian Basilico, MIchelle Hoglan, Tess Kossow, Katja Rusnanen, Jeannette Seibly, Larry Andrews and last but certainly not least, Jane Dvorak.
Most importantly, THANK YOU to the fans of our program. We hope to continue to provide you with knowledge, inspiration and just plain fun for 500 more programs!

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