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Rich Patenaude is a first generation American. Born of French-Canadian Immigrants in Northern New Hampshire, he was the only student in his class to get a perfect 800 score on his French SAT. Rich was elected a Representative to the New Hampshire State Legislature at the age of 24 with 70% of the vote. With his Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Economics from Clark University, Rich was duly assigned to work on the Legislature’s critical Appropriations Committee. New Hampshire boasts of having neither a sales tax nor an income tax. Thus, it has a need to be judicious with its financial resources.

Rich is the founder of The Student Millionaire Global Community and the host of The Student Millionaire Podcast. He’s also the author of The Student Millionaire. His experience includes The World Bank, CitiGroup Financial Services, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), American Politics Magazine, and the U.S. Department of State. He also worked on the Carter/Mondale Presidential Campaign.

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