Program 438

It’s hard to believe there was a time when Pat Armitstead was not glad to be alive. You see Pat is no stranger to grief and loss. She lost her first child, daughter Willow. She lost her business and home twice in four years. She avoided bankruptcy by repaying $80,000 in two years. She had 10 car accidents in 18 months (none her fault she assures us). Pat is also a cancer survivor. Her family did not speak to her for 20 years. Her partner of 20 years left with another woman…..but, rather than succumb to depression, Pat chose another path. That path led to her creating herself as the Worlds First Joyologist! Initially a Registered Nurse, Pat is now a multi award-winning speaker who has toured internationally with Patch Adams. Over the last 17 years she has amassed hundreds of stories as a result of getting present to her life. Today she shares her signature story and elements she believes are key to building emotional intelligence and resilience.

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