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In a world of instant coaches, consultants, and social media stars, Mila Grigg doesn’t simply talk about how to build personal and corporate brands – she’s DONE it. She believes you should speak based upon experience, not opinion.

Forged by fire, and 20 years of branding experience, Mila has grown her business, MODA Image and Brand Consulting, brick by brick, to be respected as the premier personal and corporate branding group in the US. Each keynote, consulting agreement, and training session, is built on content that has been tested, tried, lived, and proven to be true—not simply read about in a book. Brand is the hot topic of the day, but she has been developing, teaching, and talking about brand for over 15 years.

She coaches executives on how to build personal brand, grow leadership equity, build a personal marketing + social media strategy, increase sales, solidify their image, and understand internal and external communication. She helps them to master non-verbal communication, grow the muscle of emotional intelligence, know how to tell their story in person and online, find their why, ensure they master professional etiquette, and strengthen their executive presence.

She is also the author of Forged by Fire, where she takes the reader step by step through crafting a personal brand based on core values, discovered purpose, and the incomparable experience that separates you from everyone else. Mila’s own story is one of fortitude and redemption, of building an unshakable foundation amid adversity and rising above it to be stronger than ever.

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