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Jane Treat and Nancy Geha intimately understand both the joys and challenges of being women in Middlehood. They will laughingly tell you that they had to live each chapter before they could write this book! Jane Treat is a writer and storyteller who has worked with women of all ages with life transitions, workshops, and retreats. She spent many years as a community organizer, running a community and resource center. Presently, she is a library and media coordinator for an elementary school. She is an avid reader who loves nature, camping, gardening, and traveling. Nancy Geha, Ed.D. is a motivational speaker, workshop leader and trainer, teacher, community facilitator, and consultant. She has worked as a hospital nurse and taught health and wellness in public schools and universities. She enjoys being in nature, antiquing, discovering ghost towns, hiking, gardening and western history. Jane and Nancy live in Colorado and love the wild and beautiful mountains.

Click here to purchase Women & Middlehood: Halfway Up the Mountain.

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