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Emily Schulz is a Marketing Director for Kim Woods Advisory and a Divine Channeler of Light. She helps female entrepreneurs stop self-sabotage to clearly and confidently pursue their purpose. With proven step-by-step customized plans, their clients take action on bite-sized steps to gain massive momentum to achieve their revenue goals.

By channeling the Divine, Emily can shed light on how women entrepreneurs can clear their path to achieve the success they desire. As Marketing Director, Emily has been recognized by Facebook for her high ad conversion rates and Time Magazine for copy she’s written on products. She designs successful marketing strategies across multiple platforms, including written copy for ads, quizzes, and email funnels for their affiliates.

Additionally, Emily has founded two 7-figure businesses, helped solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies increase their Amazon revenue by as much as 50%. She’s been receiving messages from the Divine her entire life.


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