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Meet the “Worth & Wealth Alchemist” – Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh is a bestselling author, speaker, and sales and business coach for female coaches, consultants, and soulpreneurs.

In 2009, she pioneered the sacred sisterhood of Pink Tent International, the first women’s online community of its kind, before #MeToo was even on the radar. It’s now over 12,000 strong

Her body of work in healing sacred feminine sexuality includes being featured on Jamie Fox’s Foxxhole Radio, PopSugar Magazine, Fox 31 TV, and Chanel 2.

After scaling her business to multiple 6 figures and participating in high-level women-only masterminds, it broke her heart to see so many talented and amazing female entrepreneurs with unbelievable offers and ideas, struggling to ask for the money and confidently close sales.

Worth International, LLC is now being birthed in 2020 into a patriarchal world where women still only make 79 cents on the dollar when compared to men. This is core to the global money wounds we carry as women in business.

As CEO, Dr. Kelly Schuh is igniting a Women’s Worth Worldwide movement, committed to women entrepreneurs claiming their true worth.

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