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Former BBC journalist CJ Grace is the author of My Wild Ride: How to Thrive After Breast Cancer and Infidelity, just released in October 2022, a candid comic memoir and cancer survival guide. CJ dealt with the double whammy of discovering her husband’s infidelity and shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer by refusing to be a victim and keeping her wicked sense of humor. A lifelong Monty Python fan, an eye for absurdity pervades her writing and public speaking work. CJ’s humorous self-help book, Adulterer’s Wife: How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not, was an international bestseller. When Arianna Huffington received a copy, she invited CJ to be a HuffPost contributor. After leaving the BBC, CJ worked as a broadcasting advisor for China Radio International in Beijing, China. She’s currently based in the United States. Her mission is to help women transform adversity into opportunity.

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