Thank you for your interest in appearing on The Business Power Hour on C-Suite Radio. Please keep in mind that the program focuses on business topics and tools. Please complete the form on this page to start the process.

Once you submit your request, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted regarding your request. Due to the high number of interview request submissions, unfortunately we cannot accommodate all guests.

NOTE: Every program is pre-recorded at a date and time mutually convenient for guest and Deb. All programs are recorded via Zoom and are audio AND video.

Every interview lasts a full hour. New programs are posted every Monday and Thursday, at 11:00 (Eastern time).

All programs are archived on this website as well as on C-Suite Network, iTunes and many other podcast platforms. The recordings are in MP3 format, and can be downloaded for the guest’s use. However, please do not edit the program without prior approval.

We request that you promote your appearance via your social media sites, post on your website, list in your enewsletters, etc. Please “tag” both the program’s social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) and C-Suite Radio (Facebook and Twitter) in your posts. Additionally, please connect with us on our sites via your site so we can connect then tag you. You’ll receive an email with the information regarding this several days before your interview is scheduled for broadcast.

While it is acceptable for guests to promote their own products or services during the interview, please note that this program is informational in nature and Deb will direct the interview toward providing information, rather than simply selling a guest’s product or service.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please do not simply provide a link to a one-page flyer or a website in response to the questions below. All information must be provided in its entirety for consideration.