Program 661 – Special LinkedIn Series

As a successful business owner for over 22 years, Arthur Hoffman understands what it takes, as well as, how hard it can be, to grow a business. He has extensive experience when it comes to the day-to-day management and operations of a business, process improvement, business process improvement, logistics management, operations management, budgeting, new business development, as well as, managing people.

Arthur knows all that needs to be done to create, develop and engineering a performance driven growth and marketing campaign, project, or goal. He also knows how to develop, implement, and deploy great marketing strategies effectively and efficiently to reach those objectives. Having started, grown, and sold his own businesses, Arthur is aware of the necessary steps needed to make a business successful and profitable.

As a former financial advisor, Arthur created his Cold-Click™ marketing method. He then founded IN-Link Marketing Group and IN-Link Advisors to offer his Cold-Click process to the masses. He knows how to start, grow, and manage a company and products from the ground up.

In the last two years, his company has helped over 235 companies add over 300,000 new connections to their LinkedIn profiles using the Cold-Click method. Starting over 75,000 new conversations and generating new business and results in their marketing efforts, Cold-Click has helped them grow and meet or exceed their goals.

Click here to connect with Arthur on LinkedIn. Be sure to mention that you heard him on our program in your Request to Connect!

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