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Italian by birth and cosmopolitan by vocation, Angela Santi is the one-of-a-kind business and lifestyle consultant known as the Dolce Vita Lifestyle and Leadership style Designer. Fiercely protective of her craft – the art that is the science behind the good life, she has pioneered the Four Pillars of Dolce Vita life mastery model. Working privately with a select group of ultra-high performers and global leaders, her Mediterranean-infused methodology empowers rebellious and ambitious business leaders worldwide to live la dolce vita (the sweet life) without losing momentum for their business.

Over the past decade, Angela has seen her signature framework optimize the personal and professional lives of those in the top tier of their industry. Discipline is freedom is her mantra. She stands for a world where la Dolce Vita Lifestyle is an essential component of success. A world where business owners are successful and lighthearted because they are living a fun and meaningful life. A world where business owners create a top-down revolution, empowering every single employee to do the same, and create a new culture of the workplace.

When you work with Angela, you will not find predefined programs or cookie-cutter solutions. Just like the best Made in Italy artisan products, her exclusive, individual, result-oriented experiences are tailor-made to you, to create an impactful, long-lasting transformation.

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